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Grace is about to turn ninety and she doesn't want parties or presents or fuss. She just wants a quiet celebration: her daily swim in the sea and a cup of tea with granddaughter Elin and great-granddaughter Beca.

More than anything, she wants to heal the family rift that's been breaking her heart for decades. And to do that she must find her daughter, Alys - the only person who can help to put things right. But thirty years is a long time.

And many words have been left unsaid. So is it too late now to heal the pain of the past? This is a story about mothers and daughters: the love inherent in that bond and the heartache that miscommunication can bring. More than anything, it's about the importance of being true to oneself.

Meet Grace, Alys, Elin and Beca - a family you'll come to know, and to love.

Love Untold

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