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A debut collection that heralds the arrival of a fresh and exciting new literary voice


Free Therapy is about people who know what they need to do in order to be happy, but can't quite bring themselves to do it; people who are driven by desires that don't quite match with what they're looking for in life; people who long to connect with others, but can't seem to allow themselves to. Helpless, hapless, lost in the mire of the modern world, the protagonists of Rebecca Ivory's stories nevertheless persist.With a sharp, discerning eye and yet also a humane tenderness for the foibles of contemporary relationships - familial, platonic and romantic - Rebecca Ivory shows us the ways in which we posture and present ourselves, and the softness and insecurities that lie beneath. Echoing the wit and insight of Lorrie Moore and Curtis Sittenfeld, and situating herself within the vanguard of short fiction writers such as Nicole Flattery and Saba Sams, Free Therapy heralds the arrival of a fresh and exciting new talent.

Free Therapy

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