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REVIEW: The Empyrean Series by Rebecca Yarros

Shaun Verrekt

11 apr. 2024

"A dragon without its rider is a tragedy.
A rider without their dragon is dead."

An enemies-to-lover fantasy series with dragons that gives you Divergent/Eragon/Zodiac Academy vibes. It’s easy to get lost in these books as it takes you through a rollercoaster of adventures and emotions. These books make you want to be a part of this universe, although let’s be honest we would probably die on the first day.


Let’s talk about the setting first. Basgiath War College is where the first book takes place. There are only two ways to leave Basgiath War College: graduate or die. ⁠To graduate means that a dragon chooses you to become your rider and that you survive to finish the third year of college. A perfect mixture for


Rebecca Yarros has given us a new female heroine to root for with Violet Sorrengail. She grew up as a bookworm with a frail posture and is prone to break or sprain multiple joints with physical activities and now she must survive in one of the cutthroat environments. With her scribe’s background, she would have a leg up on her competition if she didn’t have a huge target on her back as the daughter of the woman responsible for the deaths of many of the cadet’s traitorous parents.


Xaden Riorson, the brooding, powerful book boyfriend that we were all hoping for. His progression through the books might be even greater than Violet’s. As the son of the rebel’s leader, he has a secret history and gives an incredible depth to his character. This might have been the best enemies-to-lovers match that I’ve come across during my reading.


Besides the two main characters, we have a multitude of side characters and dragons that only take this story to another level and make this story greater than just Violet and Xaden.


Fourth Wing ended in the most unexpected way that left you craving the second book. And when you thought the second book couldn’t end in even worse, Rebecca Yarros left us unwell after the last 25 pages of Iron Flame. Now she has everyone counting down till the release of Onyx Storm. We have 3 more books to go in the series and if the first two books already gave us so much action and romance, we’re excited to see where the rest of the series is going to bring us. Third book is coming 21st of January 2025.

Shaun Verrekt

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